This site is dedicated to the wonderful life (and death) of my favourite attorney :

Walter Clozt

This 97 years old man did so many amazing things in his so long life and career, that I thought he deserved to be immortalized on the Internet, so that the world could benefit from his experiences ...

Few of us are aware of that, but thanks to him, many criminals have been « definitively removed » from our societies. Walter made the world better and safer for the young generations.

“ I'm not just a simple attorney, you know ...”, he once said to the judge, “I'm also a man ! A man with a heart, a man with a brain, a man with a wig and a denture. And this man that I am is convinced that this other man who is my client has therefore been wrongfully accused by this other man who has been shot to death by my client ! This is a conspiracy ! My client is innocent ! ”

01 June 2008

Tribute to my lethally deceased attorney ...

I have a bad news !

Few days ago, my so old, grumpy and dusty attorney, Walter Clozt, passed away ...
He failed to prove to the world that it was impossible to suffocate with a pretzel (Congratulations GW Bush ! Your « domino effect » successfully and irremediably « changed the life » of my attorney.)
I've therefore been forced to replace him with a new, young and beautiful female attorney. Unfortunately, she told me she does not prefer men (that's the bad news).

Unless a miracle happens, Walter will be buried tomorrow afternoon in the animal cemetery of Leetlehöl (his natal village), Democratic Kingdom of Obezland (his natal motherland), southern Europe (his natal continent).

Just after the ceremony, a ball and a dinner will be organized in his honour with all his friends and relatives.

“ Show must go on ! ”, he would have said.

Rest in peace Walter !
And don't listen to your other clients, I'm sure you will miss to someone ...